Meet the team

John Cliffe

Director, Authorised Financial Adviser, Discretionary Investment Management Service Licensee

I’d love to say that I had a ‘calling’ to become a financial adviser, but the truth is, I had had enough of running a number of different companies. I wanted a less-stressful existence without large operational hassles. Helping people with their retirement planning and investments seemed ideal. That was 1996. Some scary investment markets meant that it was not as easy as I had imagined. I have many longstanding clients who have done well, despite the changing market conditions over the years. One of the reasons for that is, …

… as I like to tell my clients, “you should throw your quarterly reports in the bin because it’s like judging a marathon by who’s leading at the 100-metre mark.”

The key to investment success is understanding the journey you’re on and being able to ignore the enormous amount of noise that surrounds investment markets. We see a never-ending stream of predictions and promises, offering quicker or safer ways to investment success, most of which would be better for a “Tui – Yeah Right” ad. There is a scientifically correct way to invest and it’s not based on predictions or promises. 

But we’re human, and people love predictions and love to follow gurus. The reality is that investment markets in total are a lot smarter than any individual participant or financial institution, regardless of their size.

It irritates me that there is such poor advice given to people about how to plan for and invest for their retirement. Many large institutions in New Zealand pay lip service to professional standards and the requirement to put the clients’ interests first.

Everyone needs their own unique plan for retirement. It’s important that your numbers get done and the various options considered before any investment decisions are made.

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Rachelle Bland

Director, Authorised Financial Adviser

I joined Cliffe Consulting in January 2017. I had previously worked in the financial services sector for over twenty years, holding positions in a number of major financial institutions, mostly training financial advisers, building advice processes, systems and adviser technology.

I knew I would eventually work as a financial adviser myself, but in my heart had always known that I couldn’t do it within a corporate that also promoted their own investment products. I needed to be able to recommend solutions that my clients needed, not ones where it suited my employer. To have confidence that the cashflow planning I did for clients was appropriate for their needs and also confidence in any investment recommendations I made.

I’ve known John since the mid-1990’s. As well as being a financial adviser, he ran a software development company and I was involved in installing some of his software in legal and adviser firms throughout New Zealand.

One day I asked John to explain his investment philosophy to me as if I were a prospective client. It made total sense. It was simple and elegant, with an overarching objective being that managing risk mattered just as much as the return.

I’m really passionate about all New Zealanders having access to proper financial advice. We’re not born with money skills and no-one likes to talk about money, yet it’s something that deeply affects us all. 

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Jackie Fyson

I was introduced to John by my lawyer many years ago, shortly after my husband died. I have been a client of his since 1998. Some of my friends have also become clients.

I worked at the office at Campbells Bay School for many years. After deciding that I wanted to quit, John suggested that I shouldn’t just retire, but instead, I should come and work for him. That was 2011.

One of my main contributions to Cliffe Consulting is handling the large amount of compliance work that we must do (which is not one of John’s strong points!). I run the Cliffe Consulting office, but John thinks that I just come to work to get away from my grandchildren. The truth is somewhere in the middle.