Great Investments start with great advice

A combination of modern technology and academic research allows us to offer exceptional portfolios to clients at low cost.

Portfolio management

We have a range of portfolios and options designed to address different client requirements.

All our portfolios enjoy:

Independent custodian

Investment committee


Online access

Performance tracking

Currency protection

Multiple specialist funds

Low cost

Wholesale funds

Term deposit options

Full transparency

Tax reporting

Socially responsible options


We are one of only 53 DIMS providers in NZ, making our portfolios especially suitable for Trusts and Trustee purposes, as they meet high fiduciary standards and ease of operation.

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What if I’m just starting out?

For clients just starting out, or with less than $100,000 to invest, we offer simpler portfolios utilising electronic traded funds (ETFs) and other low cost funds. These closely follow our our investment philosophy.

Portfolio Investment Entities

Investment committee

Online access/smartphone app

Regular reports

Regular savings and withdrawal options

Low cost


Exchange traded and low-cost funds

Full transparency

No minimums 

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