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Stop  worrying  about  tomorrow  and  start  enjoying  today

Confidence in your financial investment plan means you can enjoy life knowing your financial future is being looked after. You deserve to retire when you want and preserve the lifestyle you’re used to.

Independent  financial  advice

Personalised  advice that  puts  your  interests  first

Evidence-based  investment  strategies

Retire  in  confidence  knowing  you're  financially  secure

When can I afford to retire?
​Financial  planning  services

✔ Get clear on how much money you need to retire 
✔ Develop a plan to get you there 
✔ Set your retirement date 

Make Your Retirement Plan

How do I invest for the future?
​Investment  services

✔ Clarify your short, medium and long-term financial goals 
✔ Create a plan to reach your financial goals 
✔ Get independent investment advice from financial experts
Start Making a Plan Today

Will my KiwiSaver be enough for my retirement?
​Kiwisaver  advice

✔ Make informed financial decisions about your KiwiSaver account 
✔ Save for your first home or retirement 
✔ Start your journey to financial security

Get KiwiSaver Savvy

We Believe The Financial Uncertainty Of Today Shouldn’t Steal Your Excitement For The Future

Thinking about finances and retirement planning can be stressful. 

As Independent Financial Advisers, we’ve helped many people with their financial planning and investments over the last twenty-five years. 

Because we’re not affiliated with any large bank or financial institution, we can focus entirely on you, your needs and your financial goals. 

Maybe you’ve tried investing in property or the stock market yourself. But found yourself fearful of the uncertainty in the market. 

Your  next  steps  to  financial  security

1.   Book  a  call

Book a call. We’ll set up a time to meet with you and talk about your questions, concerns and goals.

2.   Create  a  plan

In your financial planning session; we’ll go through the numbers and create a plan that helps you sleep well at night.

3.   Enjoy  life

With a financial plan in place; you’ll be able to get on and enjoy life knowing your future is taken care of.

Retire  in  confidence  knowing  you're  financially  secure

Many clients have been with us for over 10 years and have experienced many market conditions. Because of our investment practices and philosophy, they have high levels of confidence in our services. 

In many cases, we’re able to encourage our clients to spend more because our planning has shown that they can afford more than they think and still achieve their financial goals. 

You deserve to sleep at night knowing you’ve got a plan for financial freedom.