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Get  clear  on  how  much  money  you  need  to  retire

Develop  a  plan  to  get  you  there

Write  your  retirement  date  in  the  calendar

The  journey's  always  smoother  with  a  plan

Having a financial plan for your retirement - and all the life events that happen along the way - means you’re more likely to have a smoother journey.
Instead of getting anxious about what you’re spending, feel confident that your financial plan has everything taken care of.

DOn't  leave  your  financial  future  to  chance

Life  is  full  of  choices

● How much do I need to save for my retirement? 
● Is KiwiSaver enough for me? 
● When can I afford to retire? 
● How much will I have to spend in my retirement? 

Retirement  may  be  the  end  goal,  but  life  happens  along  the  way

Financial planning helps you reduce the stress around financial decisions that you make as you go through life
● How often can we afford to upgrade our cars, travel or renovate our home? 
● Can we afford private education or assist with tertiary study for our children? 
● What is the impact of selling the bach, downsizing the home or moving to a different town?

How  we  work  together to  plan  your finances

We don’t make your lifestyle and financial decisions fit a pre-determined, templated financial plan. Instead, we work together to convert your lifestyle needs and options into numbers. And show you visually how your choices affect your financial future. You can see the trade-offs between your different choices. 

So you know 
● When to sell the business. 
● How much to give away to the children and when. 
● How much risk to take with your investments? 
● What happens if one of you gets seriously ill or dies? 
● What are your choices if you’re on your own? 
● If moving into a retirement village is a good solution.


I'm not in Auckland. Can we still work together?

Some clients prefer to meet in-person at our office, which is based in Murrays Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. We also often meet clients in their homes, at cafés or via Zoom or Teams.

How do you charge for your services, and what are your fees?

A discovery call is free and there is no financial obligation. For financial planning work, we would prepare a ‘Statement of Advice: Financial Strategy’ which includes financial planning, cashflow analysis and retirement funding as appropriate. This is done on a time/cost basis and is always specifically quoted and agreed in advance. Depending on the complexity of the situation, this could cost between $500 - $2,000 plus GST.

Our fees for investment portfolio management are set out in our public Disclosure Statement, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

If I book a call, do I have to sign up with you?

We offer a free, no-obligation discovery call where you can tell us about your financial situation and together we can decide whether we would be a good fit. If we don’t think that we can assist you, we can refer you to other specialists.

How do you select the investment providers you choose?

There is a well established body of academic research which we utilise when constructing investment portfolios for clients. We do not follow popular notions that it is possible to ‘time markets’ or ‘pick winners’.  We partner with investment management firms who share a similar investment philosophy and access wholesale and low-cost managed funds for our clients. We closely monitor the performance of those funds to the relevant benchmarks. Diversification of holdings is a key tenant of our investment philosophy – diversification across many different companies, sectors, industries, asset classes, countries and geographic regions. We believe that managing risk matters just as much as return.