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Don't  risk  your  money  and  future  diy-ing  your financial  planning  and investments

Many of our clients come to us with questions about how they can best invest for their retirement. 

Some are already retired and want a trusted professional to assist them in making decisions about financial planning and investments.

Cliffe  Consulting.  Helping  You  Achieve  Your  Retirement  Goals.

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A  Personalised  Financial  Plan

A  Personalised  Financial  Plan

Your journey to retirement is personal to you. And we're excited to be on that journey with you. 

We spend time getting to know you and your plans. And this is what guides our financial advice and practical assistance. 

Independent Financial Experts

Independent Financial Experts

Security matters. But many people stay with the banks for their investment advice because they’re perceived to be safer, but they are not. Being Independent Financial Advisers is important to us because it allows us to give advice that’s right for what you need to meet your financial goals. So your financial future isn’t determined by cookie-cutter services and products. 

Invest with a Strategy Based On Evidence

Invest with a Strategy Based On Evidence

A secure investment plan shouldn't depend on hope. Any plan should be grounded in academic research and real-life evidence of what works and why. And this is what we apply to all our investment portfolios. We consider what drives investment returns and invest in ways that increase the reliability of outcomes for clients over time. We help our clients see through the hyped promises of investment gurus and educate them on their likely investment experience.


Rachelle  Bland

Director, BCom, National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice) 

Before joining Cliffe Consulting in January 2017, I worked in the financial services sector for over twenty years, holding positions in several large financial institutions, training financial advisers, and building advice processes, systems and adviser technology. 

When I decided to practice as a financial adviser, I knew I was uncomfortable doing it within a corporate company that also promoted its own investment products. I needed to be able to recommend solutions that my clients needed, not ones where it suited my employer.

One day I asked John to explain his investment philosophy to me as if I were a prospective client. It made total sense. It was simple and elegant, with an overarching objective being that managing risk mattered just as much as the return.

I’m really passionate about all New Zealanders having access to proper financial planning advice. We are not born with money skills, and few like to talk about it, yet it’s something that profoundly affects us all. 

Rachelle Bland Cliffe Consulting
Rachelle Bland Cliffe Consulting

Treena  Haynes

Associate Financial Adviser, National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice)

I spent many years working for the yellow bank, but when my children were born, this became impractical. Now that my children are teenagers, I wanted to get back into the financial services industry, so in 2021, I started the Level Five Certificate in Financial Services. I knew Rachelle, as our daughters were in the same primary school class together, and she suggested that I come in for a job interview! I have been with Cliffe Consulting since 2021 and I have learnt more about investments while working with John and Rachelle than I did in the theory parts of my course - or perhaps it is just more relevant for me when applying it in practice with clients. I am now fully qualified as a Financial Adviser - Investments and listed on the Financial Services Provider Register.

I work closely with John and Rachelle in providing financial advice and investment services to our clients. I am able to work both from the office and my home which makes for much greater efficiency - although it’s more fun and I learn more when I’m in the office. When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym, and my husband and I regularly work out at silly o’clock on week-day mornings.

John Cliffe Consulting

John  Cliffe

Founder, Director, BA BCom, Grad Dip Business Studies in Personal Financial Planning

I'd love to say that I had a 'calling' to become a financial adviser. But the truth is, after running several different companies, I wanted a less-stressful existence without significant operational hassles. That was 1996. 

Helping people with their retirement planning and investments seemed ideal. Despite the changing market conditions over the years, I have many longstanding clients who have done well. 

One reason for this success is, as I like to tell my clients, you should throw your quarterly reports in the bin because it's like judging a marathon by who's leading at the 100-metre mark.

John Cliffe Consulting

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