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clarify  your  short,  medium  and  long-term  financial  goals

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If you’re moving away from bank term deposits or property investment, getting started in the investment market can be overwhelming. Our investment philosophy is designed to help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals and design a personalised investment plan that helps you achieve them.
Have peace of mind that your money is working hard within the level of risk you’re comfortable with. 

Take  the  guesswork  out  of  investing  your  money

The key to investment success is understanding the journey you're on and ignoring the enormous amount of noise surrounding investment markets. You’ve probably seen a never-ending stream of predictions and promises, offering quicker or safer ways to investment success. We build your investment portfolio by applying scientific research instead of guesswork, tailor-made to your financial and lifestyle goals.

Personalised  investment  opportunities,  whatever  your  investment  budget

Because we’re independent of large investment corporations, we can offer flexible, personalised investment recommendations tailored to your specific lifestyle goals. 
If you’re just starting out on your investment journey, we also offer an assisted DIY investment option, starting at as little as $20 per month:
● Low cost, no entry-free options.
● Broadly diversified portfolios with minimum deposit.

How  we  work  together  to  get  the  right  investment  portfolio  for  you

Many of our clients come to us with a wide range of questions about investments. We help them work through their questions and other issues by being impartial, empathetic and knowledgeable (and not charging by the hour!).
We’re a sounding board for our clients, providing reassurance that they can get on and enjoy life without worrying about the money:
● Ongoing portfolio management 
● Regular performance reporting 
● Online access 
● Tax reporting 
● Regular review meetings 
● Currency protection 
● Socially responsible options 

Our investment portfolios are held on the largest custodial platform in New Zealand, which makes them especially suitable for Trusts and Trustees, as they meet high fiduciary standards and ease of operation.

Start  planning  for  a  secure  financial  future  today

1.   Book  a  call

Book a call. We’ll set up a time to meet with you and talk about your questions, concerns and goals.

2.   Create  a  plan

In your financial planning session; we’ll go through the numbers and create a plan that helps you sleep well at night.

3.   Enjoy  life

With a financial plan in place; you’ll be able to get on and enjoy life knowing your future is taken care of.