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Our  investing  philosophy

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A  Clear  Financial Plan  to  your retirement 

The key to investment success is understanding the journey you're on and ignoring the enormous amount of noise surrounding investment markets. 

We see a never-ending stream of predictions and promises, offering quicker or safer ways to investment success, most of which would be better for a "Tui – Yeah Right" ad. 

There's  a  Scientific  Way  to  invest  that's  not  based  on  predictions  or  promises

But we're human, and people love predictions and love to follow gurus. The reality is that investment markets are smarter than any individual participant or financial institution, regardless of size. 

There’s such poor advice given to people about planning for and investing for their retirement. Many large institutions in New Zealand pay lip service to professional standards and the requirement to put the client's interests first. 

Everyone needs a unique retirement plan. It's important that your numbers get done and the various options considered before any investment decisions are made.

What  Really  Matters  For  Successful  Investing



Returns from investments are random, and it’s impossible to make accurate predictions in the short term. 

Effective diversification means spreading your investments across tens of thousands of different holdings. Across different asset classes, industries and geographic regions. Not just in New Zealand but offshore as well. 

We’ve seen how diversifying your investments helps to reduce risk, take the guesswork out of investing, smooth out some of the ups and downs in returns and prevent you from missing out on opportunities.

Trusting  The  Market

Trusting  the  Market

People trust market pricing every day in many aspects of their lives, yet when it comes to investing, many believe that they can 'beat the market’. 

Trying to beat investment markets works on the notion that an 'expert' can predict the market's movement and give you more return on your investment. 

Instead of trying to beat the market, we believe it's more effective to harness the collective knowledge of the millions of trades made daily. 

Watch this short video to see how trusting the share market works. 

COSTS  Matter

Costs  matter

In any investment, you must consider all costs, including management and advice fees, fund expenses, trading costs and taxes. 

In New Zealand, investment providers have numerous layers of fees and conflicts of interest abound. 

We believe in total transparency and will tell you the full facts. After all, what matters most is your investment return after all fees and taxes. 

Transparency   and  ownership  security

Transparency   and  ownership  security

We don’t handle cash, nor can we arrange for funds to be paid anywhere other than your nominated bank account. 

Investments are either held in your name or via a secure custodial service on your behalf. 

All our clients can view their investment accounts online and receive independently verified reports of their investments from the provider/custodian.

Relax  about  your retirement investments